In Italy, Biker Mice from Mars was broadcast on Rai 1, Fox Kids and Odeon 24.


The Italian title is Biker Mice da Marte, many characters has their own name in the Italian dub.

English Italian
Throttle Sterzo
Vinnie Turbo
Modo Pistone
Grease Pit Morchia
Karbunkle Carbonchio
Rimfire Scoppio
Carbine Carabina

Voice castEdit

Charachter Voice actor
Throttle Vittorio Battarra
Vinnie Saverio Garbarino
Modo Gioacchino Maniscalco
Charley Paola Del Bosco
Lawrence Limburger Mimmo Palmara
Lord Camembert Ernesto Mellina

External linksEdit

Biker Mice from Mars in other countries

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